Made in the USA
since 1982.

Happy New Year from the Super Chexx team! Thank you for making 2018 a great year. We have exciting plans for 2019! Stay tuned!
since 1982.

Happy New Year from the Super Chexx team! Thank you for making 2018 a great year. We have exciting plans for 2019! Stay tuned!
Get your game on with our superior bubble dome hockey tables. To get started choose a table:
Super Chexx Pro with All New Live Action Game Calls & Videos
The one feature that truly makes Super Chexx Pro the most fun bubble hockey to play and own. Choose from U.S. and Canadian Anthems then let Hall of Fame broadcaster Rick Jeanneret call live game action while you use the “boo” button to let your opponent have it. Compare to any other dome hockey, air hockey or foosball table and it will be clear why Super Chexx is the most fun game to play. If you only have room for one game table at your home or business, make it a Super Chexx!
The Best Dome in Bubble Hockey now Features LED Lighting & Light Show with Red-Green-Blue Spotlights
Chexx domes are made from highly durable Lexan™ to withstand any abuse you can dole out without cracking. They are hinged to open easily so you can access or clean the game any time you want.  One more arcade quality dome hockey feature.
Fun for the whole Family. Bring Home Bubble Hockey’s Smoothest & Most Fun Game to Own & Play
Reinforced fiberglass rods are indestructible and last for decades. Combined with rubber grips and ICE engineered gear boxes, give you great feel and control when you are stick-handling, passing and shooting. Compare to heavy steel rods that can bend, pit and warp over time and require costly replacements.
Coolest Ice Surface in the Industry with 30+ center ICE logo options
Crisp silk-screened graphics won’t fade or wear with custom center ice logos to simulate an ice rink. We use superior-grade Kydex surface material which is highly durable to prevent cracks or warping while creating a smooth surface that offers un-matched game play for passing and shooting.
Made in America Since 1982. CHEXX 1982-88, SUPER CHEXX 1988-2017, SUPER CHEXX PRO 2017
Our I.C.E. staff designs, builds, boxes, ships and supports every Super Chexx game sold since 1983. We provide a full 1-year parts warranty to home buyers, stock all spare parts and offer free videos and phone tech support with I.C.E. staff.  Our in-house repair techs can also repair electronic components to help keep your game running for decades.
Quick & Easy Installation Designed for Easy Set-up by any Home User
Super Chexx games ship complete in 2 halves, so set-up takes 10-15 minutes. We ship a full color install guide and all needed tools are in your parts kit along with some spares for down the road. Two people can easily move and set-up the game.  We offer free phone support, on-line videos and include a full color service manual to answer any questions you might have.
Coin-Operated Arcade Quality Dome Hockey Games Since 1982
Chexx started as a coin-operated game in 1983. Some knock-off dome hockey brands claim to be arcade quality, but have you ever seen one in an arcade or bar with a coin-door?  Probably not, because Chexx is the only bubble hockey engineered to allow for coin-operation and the durability to survive in that environment.
External Controls on Deluxe Home Edition Allow for Quick & Easy Programming Changes
ICE can remove the coin door and now offer the same great game set to Free Play for home use. The control panel is located on the back of the base, so you don’t have to worry about keys to open a coin door to adjust the settings, volume or turn the game on/off.
Thirty years ago, a group of local table hockey fanatics created the original coin-operated bubble hockey game after Team USA brought home the gold at Lake Placid. And today, we're still taking the lead.
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35 Years of Chexx Bubble Hockey.  Make the ICE Choice.

It all started a couple years after Team USA brought home the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal in the Miracle on Ice® at Lake Placid.  Following that epic sports tale a small group of table hockey fanatics in Buffalo, NY designed and created the greatest competitive sports game of it's time, CHEXX, the original USA vs USSR coin-operated bubble hockey (also known as dome hockey, table hockey, stick hockey or rod hockey).  Since its 1982 introduction, few other games have transcended all of the changes over the decades following that "USA Miracle on ICE" and delivered more competition and fun among family and friends, adults and children.  Check out the timeline on this page to see the evolution of this All-time arcade classic game in images dating back to 1982.



1st Prototype

1982: 1st Chexx Bubble Hockey Prototype Game Sets Revenue Records at Holiday Twin Rinks.


1st Production Model

1983: February - 1st Production Model Chexx Dome Hockey Games Ship from Factory in Tonawanda, NY.

Increased Demand

1983: Incredible Demand for Chexx Bubble Hockey Fuels Expansion.

AMOA Novelty Game of the Year

1983: AMOA 'Novelty Game of the Year'.

Rave Reviews

1983: Rave Reviews for 1983's Hottest Game.

Technical Review

1983: Frank the Crank Technical Review and 1982 Prototype Game Image.


Hockey Night in Canada

1984: Hockey Night in Canada Article.

People Magazine

1984: People Magazine - Playing in a Dream World.

Sarajevo Winter Olympics

1984: Pat LaFontaine helps Chexx Bubble Hockey Qualifiy for the Sarajevo Winter Olympics.

Dome Hockey Article

1984: Chexx Dome Hockey - The Game More People Play.

Buffalo Company Scores Goal

1984: 3 Year Old Buffalo Company Scores Goal.


Not Just Play - Competition

1985: Chexx - Not Just Play - Competition.

Sideline Article

1985: Sideline Article features Super Chexx Dome Hockey.

Canadian Game Comes Home

1985: Chexx - The Great Canadian Game Comes Home.

Chexx Tournaments & Leagues

1985: Video Invasion Arcade Hosts Chexx Bubble Hockey Tournaments with League Play.

Neal Broten Hosts Chexx Tournaments

1985: Minnesota North Stars Neal Broten Hosts Chexx Tournaments.


New & Improved Super Chexx

1987: New and Improved Super Chexx Dome Hockey with Red Base Introduced in US and Canada.


Toronto Spectator Article

1988: Super Chexx featured in Toronto Spectator Article.


Better Than Ever

1989: Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Better Than Ever.


Bubble Boys Tournament

1999: Super Chexx Dome Hockey Bud Light Bubble Boys Tournament Table.


Wayne Gretzky Bud Light Bubble Boy

2001: Wayne Gretzky Bud Light Bubble Boy Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Ad.


Bud Light Bubble Boys

2002: Super Chexx Bud Light Bubble Boys Poster.


Blues Host National Tournament

2006: IBHF & St. Louis Blues Host 2006 National Super Chexx Dome Hockey Tournament.


25th Anniversary

2008: ICE Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Making Games like Chexx and Super Chexx Buble Hockey.


Deluxe Home Edition Announced

2010: All New Super Chexx Deluxe Home Version Introduced at featuring Factory Direct Pricing from ICE.

AHL Licensed

2010: Official AHL Licensed Super Chexx Games Introduced.

NHL Licensed

2010: Official NHL Licensed Super Chexx Games Introduced.

Miracle on ICE Edition

2010: USA 1980 Miracle on ICE.


Team USA vs Team CANADA Edition

2011: Team USA vs Team Canada Licensed Edition.

Molson Theme at NHL Winter Classic

2011: Molson themed Super Chexx bubble hockey at NHL Winter Classic.

Molson Canadian Super Chexx Hockey Championships

2011: Jeremy Davis Wins Molson Canadian Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Championships & $2500.

Miller Lite Super Chexx

2011: Miller Lite Themed Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Tournament game.

Cake Boss Buddy DeCastro

2011: Cake Boss Buddy DeCastro builds a Super Chexx Bubble Hockey themed cake.


AHL Bubble Hockey Tournament

2012: Labbat Blue - AHL Bubble Hockey Tournament Finals hosted by Hershey Bears.

University of Michigan

2012: University of Michigan brings Custom Super Chexx to Munn ICE Arena.

Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Edition

2012: L.A. Kings Super Chexx Stanley Cup Edition.

Notre Dame Custom Irish-themed

2012: Notre Dame Hockey Team Adds Custom Irish-themed Super Chexx to Compton Family Ice Arena.


Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Edition

2013: NHL Stanley Cup Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins Super Chexx Bubble Hockey.

Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital

2013: Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital Super Chexx Dome Hockey game Donated by ICE.


NHL Store by Reebok

2014: NHL Super Chexx Bubble Hockey added to NHL Store by Reebok in NYC.

AHL Super Chex Dome Hockey Tournament

2014: Jeremy Davis Wins Labatt AHL Super Chexx Dome Hockey Tournament of Champions.

Sports Licensing Show, Las Vegas

2014: Super Chexx Dome Hockey at Sports Licensing Show in Las Vegas.

Wings vs Leafs Winter Classic

2014: Red Wings vs Maple Leafs Winter Classic Super Chexx dome hockey.

New NHL Graphic Package

2014: New Licensed NHL Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Graphic Package.

LA Kings Stanley Cup Edition

2014: LA Kings vs NY Rangers NHL dome hockey.

NHL Awards

2014: Super Chexx Bubble Hockey at NHL Awards.


Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Edition

2015: Chicago Blackhawks vs Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Stanley Cup Edition bubble hockey.


Phoenix Coyotes Justin Bieber Edition

2015: Phoenix Coyotes Justin Bieber Edition dome hockey.


Kraft Hockeyville Super Chexx

2015: Kraft Hockeyville Super Chexx bubble hockey.

Labatt Blue AHL Super Chexx

2015: Labatt Blue AHL Super Chexx dome hockey featuring Rochester Americans.

Beer Dispensing Super Chexx

2015: Molson Canadian Beer Dispensing Super Chexx bubble hockey built by RAMM Designs in St. Catharines. Game winner gets a cold beer!

Czech Hockey Hall of Fame

2015: Czech Hockey Hall of Fame dome hockey game located in Prague featuring Czech Repbulic graphics and men.

SAP NHL Stats Super Chexx

2015: SAP NHL Stats Super Chexx dome hockey activation at the Winter Classic.

York NHL All Star Game

2015: York NHL All Star Game used as part of the Fan Fest bubble hockey tournament in Nashville, TN.


Molson Canadian NHL Draft

2016: Molson Canadian NHL Draft bubble hockey Game used at Buffalo, NY draft tournament.

ECHL Greenville Swamp Rabbits

2016: ECHL Greenville Swamp Rabbits Super Chexx dome hockey with custom graphics and players.

Ohio St. Buckeyes Edition

2016: Ohio St. Buckeyes bubble hockey with custom graphics and men located at Value City Arena at The Jerome Schottenstein Center.

University of Michigan Wolverines Edition

2010: Uinversity of Michigan Wolverines dome hockey located at the student university center in Ann Arbor.

Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Edition

2016: Pittsburgh Penguins vs San Jose Sharks Super Chexx dome hockey.


2017 NHL Winter Classic Edition

2017: St. Louis Blues vs Chicago Blackhawks at Busch Stadium Super Chexx Dome Hockey.

2017 Coors Light Winter Classic Edition

2017: Coors Light Winter Classic Official Beer Edition Super Chexx Bubble Hockey.


Own the only arcade quality bubble hockey game made in the world today at Factory Direct prices from  Over the years the coin-operated success of CHEXX and SUPER CHEXX has spawned imitation dome hockey games engineered and built overseas with cheap materials and less reliable parts, marketed to the home market at discount prices.  Don't be fooled by knock-offs!  Live action game sound, electronic scoring and made in the USA quality at the ICE factory near Buffalo, NY make SUPER CHEXX the only bubble hockey, dome hockey, rod hockey or table hockey choice for rinks, sports bars and arcades across the world.  Now with ICE Factory Direct pricing and a Deluxe Home edition, this all-time arcade classic is priced right for your home or business.  The superior engineering, quality materials like the lexan dome, kydex ice surface, brushed aluminum cabinet, Delrin players & long-lasting gear boxes have proven their durability over the last 30 years.  Combined with free lifetime tech support and in-stock parts at the ICE factory in Clarence, NY, SUPER CHEXX bubble hockey has been the premium dome hockey, rod hockey or table hockey brand for three decades.  Now with ICE Factory Direct pricing, it is also the clear choice for your home game room or business break room.  Compare made in the USA Super Chexx bubble hockey to knock-off dome or rod hockey games from Stiga, Carrom, Shelti, Performance Games, Holland Bar Stool or Halex and you will see and feel the difference.  Don't be fooled by imitation games advertised at lower prices that claim to be "just like a Super Chexx".  No other dome hockey, rod hockey or table hockey brand offers the mix of arcade quality ICE manufacturing, fast-paced game play, live sound calls by Rick Jeanneret, electronic scoring & shot clock, custom graphics and licensed editions with hand-painted replica jerseys.  SUPER CHEXX is the ultimate home game for hockey fans all over the world and guaranteed to deliver years of fun for your family and friends.  There are many Chexx games built in the 1980's still being played today!


SUPER CHEXX is an official licensed bubble hockey, dome hockey, rod hockey and table hockey game of the National Hockey League, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada.  You can now order fully licensed games with the USA vs CCCP teams from the 1980 Miracle on ICE, Team USA vs Team Canada or any of the 31 current NHL:  Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers, LA Kings, Minnesota Wild, Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks, St. Louis Blues, Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Vegas Golden Knights, Winnipeg Jets.

I.C.E. - Bringing you the arcade quality games more people play since 1983!

Custom Super Chexx

Throughout the years, ICE has developed the ability to fully customize the Super Chexx Pro. This unique service offers our customers a one-of-a-kind game. ICE’s Super Chexx department and Graphics department work closely to create custom games that is sure to impress family, friends, and visitors. An ICE representative will work directly with customers from inquiry to delivery. To begin the process, please email us at or call us at 855-552-4399.

Customers need to provide ICE with logos and/or artwork in either vector file format (like Adobe Illustrator) or high resolution bitmap (like Adobe Photoshop). Acceptable file types are: Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .jpg, .png, or .tiff) 150 pixels per inch minimum at 100% size. Images of custom jerseys desired must also be provided for artists to replicate.

Game Options & Standard Pricing

The ICE Super Chexx Pro pricing starts at $2895 and includes LTL freight with standard delivery in the Continental USA and Canada.

The following options are available to customize the game:

Custom Graphics Package

  • Includes 9 decals and 12 Player Chest Logos


Custom Ice Surface

  • Includes 1 Ice Surface


Custom Hand Painted Players

  • Includes 2 sets of teams


Coin-Operated Version

  • Includes 2 mech entries – available in US quarters, Canadian quarters, loonies, and toonies


Split Base

  • Needed in order for a game to fit through doorways less than 32”


A $150 non-refundable deposit is due to begin the design process.

*Pricing includes 2-3 hours of design time, an initial rendering and up to 2 revisions. More complicated logos/designs may require additional time to create and customers may be charged an additional amount but will be notified prior to design if this is the case.

**Price for 5-9 ice surfaces drops to $150 or $125 for 10 or more.
Please note that customers must have legal permission in writing in order for ICE to re-produce any licensed or trademarked logos or graphics on a custom game. ICE does NOT have an NCAA License so only authorized University staff can order these. ICE does NOT have an NHLPA License, we cannot include names and numbers on jerseys but number sheets are available for purchase for customers to add to players later.


Use the below form if you are interested in getting a written quote. If you would like to have ICE design a mock-up for a custom Super Chexx game, we will ask you to provide images of logos and player uniforms desired.

Drop Us a Line

Interested in customizing your very own Super Chexx? Use the form below to inquire.

Custom Super Kixx

Game Options & Standard Pricing

Deluxe Home Game $4495 ($4695 for Coin-op) plus these Costs:
  • Custom Graphics - $300
  • Custom Hand-painted Players - $175 per team of 6 ($350 for full game)

Customers must have legal permission in writing to re-produce any licensed or trademarked logos or graphics to be used on a custom game and camera ready artwork to be used. Images of custom jersey’s desired must be provided for artists to replicate.

Use the adjacent form if you are interested in getting a written quote. If you would like to have ICE design a mock-up for a custom Super Kixx game, we will ask you to provide images of logos and player uniforms desired.

Price includes LTL freight in Continental USA and Canada.

Drop Us a Line

Interested in customizing your very own Super Kixx? Use the form below to inquire.